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Men’s fashion guide to pulling off a no-socks look

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Here are a few easy styling tips for anyone that wants to look their best this spring and pull off the no-socks look. Going sockless is an easy and stylish way to add an edge to your wardrobe and overall look.

Styling tip 1:
Cropped pants to show off no-socks look

Aesthetically, the no-socks look really looks good if you wear pants that are a little more cropped (rolled up) than you’re used to. You want the no-socks look to look deliberate, not a half-hearted attempt with your pants slightly hovering over the shoes. That would defeat the purpose of the sockless look which really adds and edge by showing ankle and skin

Styling tip 2:
Make sure your insole is fit for no-socks look

When going sockless, stick to insoles that don’t absorb moisture like leather, and stay clear of insoles such as canvas, cotton or linen. No matter how much powder or cedar trees you use, or how many times you stick your shoes in the freezer, the insoles will soak up the moisture and start to give off a bad smell. Going sockless? Stick to leather. Even for sneakers.

Styling tip 3:
No-socks with the right shoes

Pretty much any shoes will go with the no-socks look. However, a tip simply to avoid uncomfortable situations is to stay away from high top sneakers or boots. The material brushing up against your lower calf and ankle will irritate the skin after a short while for sure.

Double monks and loafers are two styles of shoes that work really well with the sockless look. Oxford shoes with a V-slit might be a little bit too dressy for the no socks-look, but if it works for you and you feel comfortable you should go ahead with it.

Styling tip 4:
Be prepared when going sockless

You might want to go for the no-socks look even when going to work. But depending on where you work, be prepared to get some yack from the other guys. If you work in the creative industry you could probably go sockless all year round – as investment banker you might want to think twice, or be ready to be the first out there going for the no-socks look.

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