Looking Sockless,
Feeling Sockless


Going sockless effortlessly separates your look from the crowd in a style that exudes confidence, manliness and no faux pas. As the temperature rises, going sockless becomes the natural stylish reflex for all men with a sense of aesthetic and comfort.

And for 3 good reasons:

  1. It just looks better. In summer your ankles look good, it’s trendy, damn sexy and any  woman will agree with that! Taking socks off also creates a much fresher and leaner look,  either with shorts or trousers, you simply can’t go wrong!
  1. It keeps you cooler in hot weather, the less fabric is on you, the more your skin is in contact with the air, the cooler you will remain. So if it’s hot, don’t think twice.
  1. It’s a pleasure, like walking barefoot on thick grass or in the cool nightly sand, going sockless in your shoes has the obvious merit to let you feel free no matter what you are wearing… take a walk on the wild side!

Going sockless can be one of the most wonderful experiences as long as the temperature is not too hot, you wear the right shoes and you do very little walking. However, for most of us it can be painful, not comfortable at all and far from practical.

Talcum powder, odour spray and no-show socks are alternatives but no real valid solutions that truly keep all the benefits of going sockless without the backdraws.

So what? Are we stuck to experience a love/hate relationship with the sockless look?

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