How to go sockless with comfort

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In summer, most guys might think to wear shorts and tennis shoes and go sockless. Most men might be uncomfortable to wear a suit and go sockless but we are seeing it more and more on the runways if you look carefully. However, the most important part is that you are comfortable wearing your clothing and that it is true to yourself. There’s nothing worse than someone trying a style like sockless and obviously feeling uncomfortable, just because other people are doing it. You have to own your sockless look.

Technically, you are wearing socks when going sockless. In fact, it’s perfectly fine to admit you’re wearing socks underneath that sockless look… as long as it is totally invisible. Some men wear no-show socks or running socks because let’s face it, you want a little cushion when walking around the city flashing your suit and showing some ankle when going sockless.

What are your options?

  • no-show socks
  • loafer socks
  • running socks
  • invisible socks
  • ankle socks
  • low-cut socks

Many names meaning exactly or nearly the same AKA “the little socks that your are not supposed to see”.

The products are also almost synonymous with one another so you have plenty of choice when it comes to chose.

What no-show socks DO WELL: definitely protect you feet & give some comfort.

What no-show socks DO OK: don’t show up… most of the time, if you look carefully (from above) you always notice a little bit of fabric and if it really shows up… shame on you!

Tip: never choose a bright color like white. Take a dark color to minimize light exposure, the black melts into the darkness of your shoes.

What no-show socks DO BAD: keep the sweat, warmth and odors..  keep you feeling wearing socks… as a matter of fact, you are wearing socks.

Sockless or no-sho socks, it’s up to you!

Personally, I stick to my Minimalist Bamboo Socks,  it keeps my feet fresh, protected, odorless and give me that amazing sockless sensation that I love… make me feel wild and free!

Which finally brings us to the crucial point of going sockless: show some ankle. There’s nothing worse than going sockless with pants that are barely hovering over your shoes making it look like your hiding that sockless look. Some people even have their pants cut a little shorter to pull off no-socks with style. Even for classic suits, it works. The important thing is to go to the store and just try it out. See how it looks and feels.

And remember: Going sockless? It’s okay to wear socks. Comfortable. Stylish. You can be both.

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