Shoes with no socks look

Feeling Great
Looking Awesome!


Ain’t no pain to be handsome

There is nothing less sexy than seeing unkempt feet, black toe nails or even worse, smelly feet when you take off your shoes. If that’s you then you have been sockless in your shoes for too long and learnt it the hard way. In the name of what? Manliness? Looking good?
Groom your feet, pamper them to a minimum, just enough to look and feel great.

LONG ENOUGH TO PROTECT, the sokini socks cover only the sensitive part of your feet from friction and pain, that’s just what they need!

SHORT ENOUGH TO DISAPPEAR, you don’t see it! We would love to show our product to everybody but the fact is that nobody sees it!! You can lift your heel from your shoes or look from every angle… you are sockless!

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg that keeps your feet in good shape!
Flexible, strong and durable, the Pure Original Bamboo Fiber has a high abrasion-proof capacity and tenacity. The fiber being non-denatured keep the same property as the bamboos used for scaffolding to build skyscrapers in Hong Kong, that makes it the perfect material to protect your feet from your shoes…

So do your feet a favor, go for some magic little socks that cover your toes and dissipate the heat and the smell, the best of all:
you feel sockless and even more better than sockless!

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