Cool & Breathable


THE SECRET WEAPON: No Sweat, No Heat, No Stink!

Naturally Antibacterial, breathable and anti-odorant..

Just to name a few of the amazing properties that you can only find in the rarest form of bamboo fiber used in the Sokini socks.

Also called Natural Bamboo Fiber or even Bio Bamboo Fiber, it is the true natural fiber directly obtained from natural bamboo by using only physical and mechanical process without any chemical additives. Because it is not chemically processed, this premium fiber preserves all the quality of the original bamboo plant and the result is simply mind blowing!

No Odors, No Sweat, No Heat…

The Original Bamboo Fiber absorbs and evaporates sweat in a split second. The fabric doesn’t stick to the skin because of its high absorption ratio. It’s 3 to 4 times more absorbent than other natural fiber like cotton, the amazing breathability of the non-denatured bamboo fiber keeps you comfortable and always dry.

The minimalist bamboo socks are more hygienic and a healthier choice than socks made of other fabrics. Being naturally antibacterial and antifungal, bacteria and fungus don’t live well in this fabric. So it doesn’t get smelly even after several days, unlike other natural fiber or synthetic fabrics. Your feet stay fresher and odor free. The physical properties of the fiber last no matter how many times you wash it, it’s antibacterial forever!

The Sokini socks keep your feet feeling cool and comfortable, there is no comparison to any other natural fiber, it’s far superior to any cotton, regular bamboo (viscose) or wool socks of the highest quality…
Once you go Pure Original Bamboo Fiber you never go back!

A test is worth a thousand words : don’t wash your sokini!!
Wear your sokini a full day,take them off, then SMELL your feet! …
WHAT?! Come on it’s your feet and… it’s odorless!!! Take the same socks and wear them again… do the test again! No odors!! Now smell your socks: nothing at all!

You can repeat the test, again and again… Even though, we don’t recommend this very primal lifestyle, this test tells a lot about the antibacterial, breathable and anti-odorant properties. Worth a try!

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